26 September 2011

recount text

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I want share to you something..

This is my Reading Homework at collages,,
But i think its very useful..

Recount text..

Definition of Recount
Recount is a text which retells events or experiences in the past. Its purpose is either to inform or to entertain the audience. There is no complication among the participants and that differentiates from narrative
Generic Structure of Recount
1. Orientation: Introducing the participants, place and time
2. Events: Describing series of event that happened in the past
3. Reorientation: It is optional. Stating personal comment of the writer to the story
Language Feature of Recount
• Introducing personal participant; I, my group, etc
• Using chronological connection; then, first, etc
• Using linking verb; was, were, saw, heard, etc
• Using action verb; look, go, change, etc
• Using simple past tense

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I got this article from http://thinkquantum.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/recount-text/


21 September 2011

How Do I Breath.. (Lirik)

How Do I Breathe
How Do I Breathe

[Verse 1]
Feels so Different Being Here
I Was So Used to Being Next to You
Life For me is Not the Same
There's no One to turn to
Dont know why i let it go too far
Starting over it's so hard
Seems like everywhere I try to go
I keep thinking of you

I just Had a wake up call (call)
Wishing that i never let you fall (fall)
Baby you were not to blame at all(When Im the One that Pushed you Away)
Baby if you knew I cared (cared)
You Would Never Went No Where (no where)
Girl I should've been right there

Utuh ==> Tangga

semakin ku ingkari, semakin ku mengerti
hidup ini tak lengkap tanpamu
aku mengaku bisa tapi hati tak bisa
*courtesy of LirikLaguIndonesia.net
sesungguhnya ku berpura-pura
relakan kau pilih cinta yang kau mau
sesungguhnya ku tak pernah rela
karena ku yang bisa membuat hatimu utuh
sakit yang ku rasa bukan karena dia
tapi karena kau pilih cinta yang salah
aku mengaku bisa tapi hati tak bisa
repeat reff
ku akui sesungguhnya aku berpura-pura
relakan kau pilih cinta yang kau mau
dan aku tak bisa