6 Oktober 2011

Give me a spirit!!

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i'm feel like walk in the vacuum.. Nothing wishes and hope i want..
I think, all of my dream become true.. But, i can't enjoyed that..
I just can felt alone..
One by one, all of i want be true.. After that, i didn't have continued the wish.. Nothing motivation..
Nothing spirit.. Nothing everything..
I can't do my best.. I just live my way like water in the river..
Go along without i know, where must i stop and stay..
I feel very quite..
Please,, Give me the wish.. Give me the spirit.. To can feel a wishes and hope as like time before i felt this way.. 
Give me a wing to fly.. I wanna fly from this way.. I want going to other place who can give me a spirit, a hope and other.. Very, very quite..
Let me go.. Let me fly.. Let me be my self..

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