24 Desember 2012

Christmast Eve...

The bell has been ringing...

All of TV station has already played Christmast Movie
And the Radio stadion has played Christmast Song
I stared out of my window..

The grey cloud almost fill all of the sky
Ah, i wondered..

This is Christmast Eve...

Tonight, my Saviour, Jesus Christ has gave birth a long long time ago..

This is His Birthday Eve...

Spesial person.. Who gave him self to save all of people in the world..
Only Him!

Nobody else who can be like Him..
Everybody feel happy..

Eventhougth the wheater was cold...
He came and gave a warmth...

I love you, Jesus..


Ooh Holy Night
The stars are brightly shining..

Another song..

Jinggle bell, jinggle bell
Jinggle all the way...

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