26 Desember 2012

Smile when you are feeling stressed

Can you smile when you feeling guilty?
Or when you are feeling bad?
Okay. I will give you some suggestions. Of course it is according to me ... :)
Check it out!
First step, you must know, what kind of stress do you feel?
About your job? Or about your family? Or your relationship? Or... about money?? Skip!
Let us see what the method..

1. Take a deep breath..
When you feel really angry in your heart, close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and open your eyes.. I'm sure, this can stop your anger and make you calmer

2. Try to smile..
No matter how hard the problem is you should try hard to smile! Why? Because, in my opinion, the most scary thing for problem is smile..
So, trying hard to smile, whereever and whenever.. :)

3. Some people believe that eating something can decrease their anger. So, if you feel comfortable by eating something, eat more..
The last,

4. Move to a wide place, take a deep breath and without eating something, you will smile. Step by step and keep smile whatever problem you face...
Thank you for reading my article, i hope this post can help you to be more cheerful and happier. :)

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