8 Desember 2012

Debating contest.. #part1

Eventhough never had I written the last competition, but this is my second experience..

Today, STBA Buddhi Tangerang will held a Debating Contest (again).

Yeah, as I say, this is my second time join the competition.

But, this time in different situation, i'm being a participant include being a committee.

Yups, i'm happy.

Okay, let us see... what's happen in the competition..

Wait for the next post. Okay.

(December 10th, 2012)

Okay, I will tell you the result of the Debating Contest...

Jeng.. Jeng...
The Result is.....

I am lose.. :(

Well, I'm okay. That's mean, my ability in speaking English is not enough, so next time I needs more studies. Okay, I will report the detail of Debating Contest in next post. So, wait for me and enjoy reading my blog.

Thank you.. :)

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