6 Februari 2013

Let's make a creation by your hand! :)

Hey! I'm coming again!

Today, I would share some of handmade created by me. Nowadays, I was be mad by paper craft. Last time, I fell in love with felt craft and now I tries something new. Paper craft!

Momentarily, I would celebrate the Chinese New Year. So, I made some ornaments from craft, LAMPION.

I have read tutorial of lampion craft from the internet and you could get it on this web. Okay, I will explain step by step:

First, printed out all of the pattern and pasted to the 'buffalo' paper. Cut it by following the rule and line.  Pasted the ornament by following the instruction.

Second, combined one to another ornament by pasting it. Look at here!

first step

combine it

half result

Horay! The word has already seen! Haha... We still needs another ornament to get LAMPION CRAFT perfectly. Let's continued it! :)

Next tutorial, pasted all of element. Note: Be careful when you pasted the top of the lampion. My suggestion, you must clear the top side after that continued the bottom side. The top side was easily than the bottom side.

And than, I have finished it last night. Did you want to see?


This is it!

Lampion Craft Hand Made by Luiza Cha a.k.a Me!! :)

Thank you... ^^
Enjoy reading..

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