6 Februari 2013

First Chocolate

Hey, guys..
This week, i made my own chocolate.

My first chocolate.
I went to Vivi store and bought any tools for making chocolate.

First, I went to the store and supermarket, bought one block of white chocolate and black chocolate. After buying the ingredients, i took chocolate mold and bought it also. I came home and prepared all of material and started to cook.

I melted black chocolate and poured it to the chocolate mold and I melted white chocolate also. I left the chocolate in the table until the steam dissapear. I put it into the refrigerator and ...


The chocolate was already to eat!

The first one is BEAUTIFUL NUT, consist of two 'love chocolate', and two another design. I put 'Nut chocolate' in the centre place.

The second one is ICE CREAM NUT, consist of four 'ice cream chocolate', another design and lot of 'Nut Chocolate' in the centre place.

Ssst... For your information, all of kind that chocolate is handmade by I. The first time! That's my own first chocolate!!

Do you want to try??


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