15 Oktober 2013

31 days full of article...

Hello! Wow! It's wonderful that we were close to the end of year! This is OCTOBER. In the middle of month, for a new spirit, a new soul and... of course, a new challenge!! I have new challenge now!

Another month ago, I have written that I wanted to make 30 poems in 30 days. But, I have failed! I can't consistent with my own schedule and I want to try it one more time. Yes! This is the time...

Now, Do you want to know, What is the challenge? The challenge is..

31 days FULL of Article...


I have borrowed this picture to guide me, what should I write everyday. There are 31 main topics that I must develop and make it into an article.

I need you to help me to fulfill my challenge. Everyone can write maximal 2 topics, so, do you want to join to be a contributor for this challenge? If you want, please contact me by e-mail.

Send an e-mail and write the subject 'Join the Challenge!' to luizacha91@gmail.com . After that, you will receive my replies and another rules to join.

What will you get from this challenge? I will tell you about this after receiving your email. Interested? Join with me!!

This challenge will be expired in the middle of December, exactly on December 20th, 2013. Yeah! No need to wait, we will see the first article on the 1st day on January 2013! The first topic will be written by me. Okay...

What's the topics?

Look at the picture...
Let make this challenge become true!

*HAVE PUBLISHED! Checked every post here...

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  1. Balasan
    1. ((y)ˆ▽ˆ)(y) ∫īÞ² mau ikutan 'Challenge' ini? Yuukk ditunggu banget loh.. :D

  2. Artikelnya berbahasa Inggris semua?

    1. Hai Titis.. Ikutan yuk! Aku krm email k km ya..

  3. Yang masih available sampe detik ini no brapa aja cha?

    1. Yg udh dipilih udh gw tulis dsna tang. Selain no yg gw sebutin diatas sana, berarti msh available. *tsaahh* *kibas rambut*

  4. seru ya...
    i hope, i can be a good writer.

  5. @meily: PASTI. Anda pasti bisa jadi penulis.. :)


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