2 April 2013

Poems everyday.....

Hello, guys...

Last night, I have received an email. Actually, I didn't realize the sender but I interested with the topic of that email. The sender wrote '30 Poems, 30 Days'. It means, we might make a poem everyday.

I will show you the part of an email.. Let us see:

First time participating in a post-a-day project like this? We asked poet and publisher Maureen Thorson, the founder of this project, for advice:A poem a day

Be open to the possibilities. The point isn't to turn out a fully formed sonnet each day -- although if anyone wants to try, I'm not going to discourage them! The point is to just get something down on the page without worrying about doing it "right." Many people, including published poets, avoid writing because their inner editor keeps saying, "oh, that's not good" or "you're not taking this seriously." But then you end up writing nothing at all.
I'd suggest that people "let go" of any preconceived notions of what poems have to look like or be about. A poem can rhyme, or not. It can be in a traditional form, or not. It can be about something like love or death, or . . . it could be about how much you like the smell of new erasers. Again, this project is more about getting words down than on making sure they're perfect. You can always edit later -- like in May!

Ready to participate?

For more inspiration, visit the NaPoWriMo website throughout the month -- Maureen posts daily prompts to give you an extra boost.
Okay, The last question... Ready to participate?

I answered, I was ready. But, I will write my poem on my blog. Only!
Why? Because, I still didn't confidence with my written, so... You can read my poem here..

Let us make a poem. Everyday..
In the end of month, I will have at least 30 poems on my blog.

And you!
Yes you!!
The reader..

Do you READY to participate???

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