29 Maret 2013

Mr. Alung...

Did you know? Yesterday, I met a foreigner people who needs some helps. Actually, the aid was not easy. Did you want to know? Let me tell you..

At 2 o'clock, our receptionist called me.

R (receptionist) : "Sa, do you want to buy phone?
L (Luisa) : "Phone? No. Why?"
R : "Hmm.. Could you come down? Please help me.."
L : "Hah? What's mean? Hm.. Okay, I will"

After that, I came down to her desk and somebody has waited me to offer his phone.
Mr. X (The seller) : Could you speak English?
L : *feel unconfident. "Ehm, a little."

I heard his story a moment. He said that he has lack of money. He came from Thailand, went to Bali and He want to come home and transit at Jakarta. He could not come home because all of his money has wasted-up. So, He offered me his cellphone, he offered 2.5 million rupiahs for his phone.

Anyway, did you know what kind of his phone? Iphone! Iphone 4s with 64gb memories. Wow!! In Indonesia, the price was around 6 million and he only sold it 2.5 million!

But, I didn't have money. I told him that I only have one million and he rejected my suggest. He said that he really needed money to come home. Actually, I just only have 1 million. What should I do?

My receptionist gave suggestion to ask another person who will buy the phone. My co-worker came down and made some offering with him.

At the end, he gave up about his cellphone and he sold his phone only 1 million! Wow! In Indonesia, the price is still around 6 million!
Lucky her!

Before He left my office, I asked his name.
L: Ehm, sorry Sir... What's your name?
Mr. X: Alung. Thank you very much...

He left my office with smile. I didn't know meaning of his smile. He pretended happy or confused. Haha..

See you Mr. Alung! Hope you will arrive at your hometown nicely. :)

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