17 Mei 2013

Shabu-shabu (Japanese Cuisine)

Hey, guys...
Today, I would like to show you my cooking! The original food from Japan. Let's take a look..
Shabu-shabu ala Luiza Cha

I was done it last saturday when the holiday. I prepared all of foodstuff before that day. See, this is the picture all of foodstuff, consist of vegetables, meatball, shrimp ball, fish ball.

Now, let me to explain the cook processing.

1. Wash all of foodstuff. The vegetables, balls, chicken and shrimp, especially for vegetables, you should keep the hygiene.

2. Cut it into small pieces. For the balls, cut it into flat pieces (to make it more and more).

3. Prepare shrimp broth. How to make shrimp broth? First, wash the shrimp. You should rind the shrimp peel and separate the peel into difference plate. After that, you boiled two big glasses of water on the stove. Put the peel of shrimp into the water and wait until the broth came up from the shrimp. Don't forget to take out the foam during boiling.

4. Take out the shrimp broth and set aside.

5. Puree red union, garlic and paper into the machine. Take it out from machine and set aside. Heat the scoop of oil and enter the ingredients in the pan. Cooked it until the ingredients smells good.

6. Pour five big glasses of water into the pan and boil it. Put sliced of ginger to the water. Stir it until boiling.

7. Put the ingredients into the water and stir it until all of ingredients cooked.

8. Prepare some bowls and take it from the pan. Serve with condiment.

Note: It's better to eat when the food still warm.

That's all. Hope you can practice it at home and enjoy it.. ^^

Another receipe [personal collection photos by own experiences..]

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