4 Agustus 2013

Face It!

Dear you...

I have faced another problem these day,
I got another problem..
I have tried to solve it,
But until the end, I just gone away from it..

I was afraid,
I could make another problem
But I knew, I have to face it.

I have thunk about the way,
I have got the key,
But, one more time, I was afraid.

I was afraid,
I could not break it,
I was afraid that I just make another problem
My solution will make another problem.

Why should I do?
I was afraid.
Everything I do, I just think it and keep it to myself.

I wanna move on! But I was afraid!
And, at the end, I have been a craven.
This is not me! I will not do this.

But this is the fact! This is me.
I was afraid. Afraid to face tomorrow morning,
I was afraid to face the problem.
I was afraid, I just make another problem by my action.

I was afraid..

You.. Help me..
God, I need your help. Help...

*sad momen*

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