30 April 2014

April, I'm not fooling you!

In the beginning of this month, I already tell you my theme for this month. Yes! That's right, 'April's Scene'.

Because, nowadays I love watching Drama and Seeing Movie on my notebook. I have told you, why I am not seeing movie in the cinema or watching drama in the television here. That's the classic reason, right? Lol.

But now, I should leave this theme also the idea and inspiration that I got from Cinema and Drama. I will move to the new month, new theme also new decoration on my blog! Hahaha..

You already see right?

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to April. I got many experiences, knowledges, cares and loves from many people. Thank you!

Also, I'd like to remind you what I told you in this month. As I said before, I already give you my inspiration that I got from Drama, and I hope my article can inspire or motivate you. Next, I shared my happiness when I got a glass of wishes from my friend as a gift for my birthday.

Oh, ya! Almost forgetting, my 4th book already published in nulisbuku.com (indie publisher). I contributed a short story, titled 'Look There'. Hope you will buy it, guys!!

Wow.. I realize... So many things happen in this month. Thank you! Gomawo!

Now, let's move to next month. Everyday should be happy, ya!

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