29 Juni 2013

The Beautiful Place Must be Visited...

Hei, guys...

I have read an article "8 Beautiful Place for Diving in Indonesia" and I made a promise to myself to reach that place before I died.

It sounds scary right? But, that's reality! We should get all of our dream until Our time is over. :)

Okay, no need to wait, Here we go... The Beautiful Place should I visited!

1. Bandung
I live and grow in Tangerang. I spent almost all of my time in this city. One day, I wish that I could go abroad. Move to the other city or province, even to the other island. Haha.. That's complicated wishes because it will take many costs and of course many times.

But, don't call me Luiza if I could not realize it! So many ways to get there, for example, joining a trip?
In the end, I just choose to make my own journey. I make a list, the place I should visit. Around the world and no need to leave my hometown.

My first journey started in 2011. That was my first time in Bandung. It's sound funny right? Yeah, but it  was reality. I never go there until two years ago. Followed community trip and Taraaa... I got there twice! Checked it! I have finished the first list!

2. Yogyakarta

Everypeople in my country call this city as 'Student City'. In this city, there are so many universities that has a good quality. But, actually I don't care about that. And I believed that I could take my Magister Degree at there. Hahaha...

Actually, I just want to take a holiday to there. No  training, no project, nothing! Pure holiday! Enjoying the culture, the food, the friendly people, and... Do you know? No mosquito at there!

I spent my first time at there for training. It's amazing! I didn't believe that I could get there by myself. Alone! Using the train, searching the ticket and stay alone in the train.

Eventhough I didn't feel the journey, but I could feel the culture, food. But I wanna more and more. Luckily, I will go there one more time with my friends. I hope, that will be pure HOLIDAY! Yeah!


There are two of the beautiful place that I must be visited. There are another destination, but I am not reach it yet. There are Bali, Singapore, Raja Ampat and my big dream is going to the NEW ZEALAND....

Let's pray together.....!!!

After this, I will share my journey. Especially at Jogja for two times. Hope you enjoy my article and... See you on next topic.

to be continued.....

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  1. wow..that's great u could make ur dream come true..NZ, RajaAmpat are my dreams too, ok let's pray together! :D

  2. @ankhe: Thanks.. Let's pray! :D


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