16 April 2013

a new Friend

Last week, I have sent an email to an interesting people. Who is that?

Tyas Effendy! Do you know Her??

She was an author of Ijinkan Aku Bersujud, Catatan Musim, etc.

I sent an introducing email to her and 59 minutes later, I received the replied message.

Wow! I was so excited! That was my first time to talk with the real author, although I only sent an email.

I told her about my origin city and hope I could send a real letter to her. One day, of course!  Haha..

She said that she like to discuss about writing. Hmm.. Maybe, I might learn from her. Many things!


See you on next letter Tyas. I hope, we can be friend. And learn together about writing. (*hope hope hope)..

Oh, ya! I have not told her about my first book. Haha. I was so shy if I compare with her. One day (again?!), I will show her my works. My great work. 


See you...

2 komentar:

  1. Halo, Luiza!
    Nice blog :D
    Yep, I hope so. I hope we can be friends.
    Will be glad to be your pen pal, too :)

  2. Hy, Tyas!
    Thank you for comment. hehe..


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