18 April 2013

Listening 4 MId-term Test

The summary from the passage of Listening 4 Mid-term Test.

Unit 5
Marriage: Traditions and Trends

Marriage -> More or Less durable union between one or more men, one or more women that sanctioned by society.

- Sanction by society : the important part of this definition. Social approval distinguish the definiton
- Marriage obligation : responsiblilities between partners that must have. Take care marriage partner and childern.
  *) Provide care of the childern and acceptable position in society
                -> Licensing of parenthood : The couple who wants to be a parents.

Traditional terms : - Social Fatherhood : suppose to be responsible for ensuring
Modern terms : Social parenthood : people who adopted the childern being a social father and mother.

How marriage partner are selected
-> Exogamy : idea that marriage should take place from people from outside of our group
*) different religion, different country, different language, etc.
-> Endogamy : idea that marriage should take place from people from inside of our group
*) same religion, same country, etc.

Who choses the mariage partner
-> Arranged marriage : family controls the choice of marriage partner
*) Middle East, Africa, Some Asia.
-> Love marriage : private decision between two people.
*) Feel free to choose their partner

(Okay guys, thanks for reading this article. This is the summary that I make for Listening 4 Mid-term test. When I found the passage, I listen it and I make this summary. At the end, I feel confident with my answer when I face my Mid-term test. Thanks a lot.)

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